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The Trade for Development Fund is planning a project scoping in Brazil together with the Alliance for 2019, after the country was proposed for a potential project at the third working meeting in Neutraubling.


Brazil has experienced a challenging economic development since 2013, not least because of falling prices for commodity exports. Trade facilitation is an essential tool for counteracting this trend. By accelerating the import and export of primary products, Brazil can increase the involvement of local companies in value chains and increase its value added. The ratification of the TFA shows that this is a strong priority for Brazil.

As the world’s ninth-largest economy, Brazil has considerable economic weight and is of great significance in the process toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, the conditions for cooperation between the public and private sectors are very favorable, as Brazil’s main business associations are directly involved in the work of the National Committee for Trade Facilitation.

The Way Forward

The Trade for Development Fund plans to initiate the scoping process in 2019. A dialogue with relevant interest groups from the public and private sectors on their assessments of trade barriers and possible facilitations in Brazil forms the possible basis for defining a project focus and drawing up a plan for the implementation of a reform project.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project, please contact the Alliance’s Secretariat.

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