Implementation of an Electronic Pre-Arrival Customs Clearance System

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Under the aegis of the program (a program for development partnerships with the private sector) and the bilateral project Economic Policy Advice to the Moldovan Government, the Republic of Moldova planned faster electronic customs clearance based on the Alliance models in Montenegro and in Serbia.


The Republic of Moldova has been a member of the WTO since 2001, and has subsequently been able to reduce poverty in the country significantly and promote inclusive growth. Since 2016, in particular, Moldova has achieved good economic growth, mainly thanks to private consumption. Nevertheless, the country’s economic growth is still below its historical average.

Structural reforms are an important instrument to stimulate the Moldovan private sector and create jobs. This is where trade facilitation measures can make a crucial contribution.


Following the successes in Montenegro and in Serbia, Alliance partner DHL Express submitted a proposal to for a project to implement an electronic pre-arrival customs clearance system in Moldova, and plans to carry forward the successful Alliance approach.

The customs representatives discussed their experiences and challenges with their colleagues in the other six project countries in the Balkans that are implementing (Western Balkan) or have already implemented (Montenegro as well as Serbia) an electronic pre-arrival customs clearance system.

After continuous exchange between DHL Express, the Moldovan customs authority, representatives from the private sector and GIZ Moldova on the preparations for the project, the implementation phase for the project (step 4 in the established six-step project approach of the Alliance) started on April 1, 2019.


This project contributes towards the implementation of the following article of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Trade Facilitation:

  • Article 7.1: Release and Clearance of Goods: Pre-Arrival Processing
  • Article 7.8: Release and Clearance of Goods: Expedited Shipments

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