September 13, 2018

Project Completion in Serbia

On September 13, 2018, representatives of companies and Serbian authorities celebrated the successful completion of the Alliance project “Implementation of an electronic pre-arrival customs clearance system“.

Until now, imports to Serbia have been characterized by manual controls and the associated long waiting times and high costs. With the completion of the project, companies can now register for the new fully electronic customs system for express goods and thus save time and money. Customs and express couriers expect 80% of all shipments to be cleared within one hour after arrival upon completion of this project. These impacts will now be tracked in the sustainability phase of the project.

Veselin Milosevic, Deputy Head and Coordinator of the Serbian Customs Authority, opened the event. He emphasized the great contribution the Alliance project made to the successes and process improvements. Through cooperation, a solution was finally found for problems that have partially existed for decades.

Nebojsa Ristic, head of FedEx sales department, and Boris Petkovic, head of DHL International Serbia, also praised the collaboration between the private and the public sector. Both agreed that the work of the Alliance has finally made possible the changes that have been necessary for decades in the processing of express consignments.

These project successes also attracted customs representatives from CEFTA states in the Western Balkans to join the final workshop in Belgrade. These countries implement projects with the help of the Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe, for which the project in Serbia serves as a successful role model.

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