Eighth working meeting of the Alliance on digital solutions for trade facilitation

November 2020

More than 30 partners of the Alliance met online at the eighth working meeting in November. New ideas emerged and initiatives were launched from the lively exchange. At the same time, the Alliance organised this year’s virtual high-level forum for a global exchange.

At the working meeting the Alliance partners…

… developed the strategy of the Alliance further and set new priorities for the continued dynamic growth of the global network. An outlook on the year ahead brought new ideas and initiatives which the Alliance will proactively address.

… shared updates and views on current developments and achievements of Alliance projects. The Alliance operates in six countries around the world and is preparing another eight projects. Under the projects of the Alliance, government institutions work together with companies and business associations on important areas of trade facilitation, such as electronic customs pre-declarations, customs valuation and further aspects of risk management systems.

… discussed project ideas at the initiative of companies. Participants shared views with the Stuttgart Main Customs Office on a handbook developed by the Alliance aimed at simplifying worldwide customs procedures. The Alliance will now look for interested partner countries for model implementation of the handbook. Further new project ideas can be submitted through the next ideas competition of the Alliance at the beginning of 2021. The ideas should culminate in a new Alliance project, as in every year.

The next working meeting of the Alliance will take place in early 2021. An important outcome will be the selection of a new project proposal from the ideas competition. For further information please contact the secretariat of the Alliance at tradefacilitation@giz.de.

There is a separate news article about the the virtual high-level forum.

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