customs valuation


Digitising Global
Maritime Trade

Cambodia, Sri Lanka

Improving the efficiency of
product safety regulations


Planned Cooperation towards an
Integrated Risk Management System


Simplification of Customs
Processes and Documentation


Implementation of an Electronic Pre-Arrival
Customs Clearance System


Implementation of an Electronic
Pre-Arrival Customs Clearance System



The German Alliance for Trade Facilitation is a coalition of companies, business associations and government institutions. You can find a more detailed description of the contributions and cooperation of our partners in the section About Us.

This page provides you with an overview of our network in Germany. For a description of our partners in the project countries, please visit the respective project pages.

In Germany, the Alliance works closely with its partners from German companies and business associations, as well as with the German Federal Government. Various ministries of the German Federal Government contribute to the work of the Alliance, according to their responsibilities and the opportunities for participation. There is also scope for the private sector to contribute to sustainable change and long-term economic relations, as well as to establish a close dialogue with the relevant governmental institutions.


Internal Archives

As a partner, you have access to materials for download from our internal archives.

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