February 21, 2019

Workshop on project opportunities in Ukraine

Analysis of possible trade facilitation topics for Ukraine: Stakeholders from the private and public sectors met in Kiev to discuss problems and solutions in cross-border trade.

On February 21, 2019, about 25 representatives from companies and trade associations as well as from the German and Ukrainian governments met in Kiev to evaluate a list of challenges in customs, import and export processes in Ukraine. They prioritized the identified problems, discussed the potentials that the Alliance for Trade Facilitation can contribute to their solution and suggested first joint activities.

Ukraine was elected as a possible project country at the third working meeting of the Alliance in March 2018. Since then, consultations have been taking place with interested stakeholders in Germany and in Ukraine in order to develop concrete proposals for the implementation of a joint project with the Eastern European country.
The Alliance will continue the dialogue with all stakeholders and work towards the preparation of a specific project.

Companies interested in contributing their ideas and resources on possible trade facilitation projects are invited to contact the office of the Alliance for Trade Facilitation.

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