27 January, 2020

Thailand: Potential topics for the new project identified

The second scoping mission to Bangkok was conducted in January 2020 to narrow down the many possible topics for the future project. A team of German and Thai representatives of GIZ was on site for two weeks with the support of an international trade facilitation expert. The preparations have taken important next steps for the new Alliance project in Thailand and are becoming increasingly more concrete. Three possible topics were identified:

  • Modernization of customs valuation (Thai Customs Department)
  • Introduction of a more efficient system for issuing certificates of origin (Thai Ministry of Commerce)
  • Digitization of transport processes at the port of Bangkok (Port Authority of Thailand)

About 20 discussions and workshops with representatives of local and international companies, Thai industrial associations and chambers, the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AHK), the Thai Ministry of Commerce, the Thai Customs Department, two researchers and the German Embassy were held.

It is intended to select one of the three possible project topics combining the interests of the private and public sector. The project will contribute to the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Initially, further talks in Bangkok were planned for April 2020. Due to the global corona crisis these had to be postponed. The preparations and discussions will continue in virtual formats as far as possible. The project start is still scheduled for 2020 if the global circumstances allow.

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