SerbiaPre-arrival customs clearance system successfully implemented

July 2020

In Serbia, a pre-arrival processing (PAP) system was officially rolled out in June 2020. Serbia’s Customs Administration successfully implemented the alliance project together with companies and business associations.

The PAP system allows customs declarations and import documents to be submitted to the customs authorities electronically before goods arrive in the destination country. This supports the customs staff in categorising consignments according to their risk and deciding which goods they should inspect. The PAP system therefore makes customs clearance faster, and goods reach their destination more quickly.

The project worked at three levels:

  1. Creating the legal and regulatory framework for the pre-arrival processing of express goods
  2. Developing processes and functions in the customs IT system
  3. Developing capacities for the customs staff and the private sector.

The successful implementation of the PAP system in Serbia is a good practice example for further PAP projects carried out by the alliance. The approach is already being implemented in all other countries in the western Balkans, with country-specific adjustments. It will also be deployed in up to 30 countries in the future.

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