Morocco – New project launched on blockchain-based customs clearance

October 2020

Morocco’s customs authority has launched a new partner project with the Alliance. A blockchain-based platform for customs clearance is set to make cross-border trade procedures for express deliveries in Morocco more transparent, secure and efficient.

Undervalued shipments are a major challenge for many customs authorities. At the same time, the number of shipments to be processed has risen steadily – not least due to e-commerce.

These challenges are the starting point for the new project. Reliable companies wishing to forward their goods to Morocco can obtain ‘trusted trader’ certification in advance from DHL Express as a project partner. The certification mechanism ensures that the Moroccan customs authority receives all relevant information on the shipment’s value, and the entire transaction can be verified via blockchain at the same time.

Express shipments to Morocco with blockchain certification will have significantly shorter handling times, allowing the customs authority to concentrate its inspections on shipments flagged up as problematic. As the project gets under way, other companies may join as additional project partners.

As the project gets under way, e-commerce sellers, traders and exporters will be on-boarded onto the blockchain platform and will be able to benefit from an enhanced import clearance.

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