March 2021

“What do new Pre-Arrival Processing (PAP) capabilities in Montenegro tell us about customs performance measurement?” A group of experts from the Alliance network discuss this question in the current issue of the WCO News Number 94, which is published three times a year by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Below is a brief summary of the main findings.


  1. The impact assessment identified several useful quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs). Useful KPIs are among others the faster clearance rate, efficiency gains and cost savings.
  2. The structured analysis of stakeholder needs yielded further insights in terms of assessing individual stakeholders’ strategic objectives and subsequent expectations regarding the procedure being implemented. The methodology of the assessment consisted, to a large extent, in learning and in building trust among the key participants of the project.
  3. The new methodology developed during the assessment could potentially be applied to other trade facilitation measures. Key elements include mapping of stakeholders’ needs, clustering these needs into main themes and identifying corresponding KPIs.
  4. The assessment’s results and methodology could contribute to the ongoing work on Customs performance measurement.

Previously, the topic was presented and discussed at the WCO’s annual PICARD conference.  The PICARD Conference is an international platform to present research and discuss vital policy issues that impact customs and international trade. Last year the 4-days conference was conducted fully virtually. Interested parties can access the presentation here.