August 14th, 2019

Ministry of Trade’s Dedicated Task Force drives forward Risk Management Implementation

In Cooperation with the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation, the Indonesian Ministy of Trade has deployed a dedicated Task Force for the Implementation of a Risk-Management-System.

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade has established a formal dedicated task force , as stipulated by the Decree of the Ministry of Trade’s Secretary-General Number 1124/2019, for the implementation of risk management at the Indonesian Ministry of Tradein cooperation with the GIZ project team of the Alliance for Trade Facilitation. Around 35 members of this dedicated Task Force Team who come from the Directorate of Export-Import Facilitation (Ditfas) and Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance (PKTN) joined the workshop held at the Alana Hotel at Sentul City, Bogor, on 8-9 August 2019, entitled Reviewing the Process Design at the Ministry of Trade for Issuing Licenses and for Controlling “Lartas” Goods After Customs Release/Post-Border Control.

During the workshop , participants reviewed the current process design on import and export licenses issuance and post-border clearance.  The review will serve as a baseline for developing a risk catalogue and eventually for piloting a risk management scheme. This will lead to more effective inspection procedures and facilitate the licensing process.

The Ministry of Trade stressed the importance of the project for Indonesia to fulfill its commitments under the Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization. The project* itself is in line with the Indonesia Single Risk Management Strategy which contributes to the Indonesian Government’s goal to develop a holistic approach to risk management encompassing all border agencies.


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