March, 2020

7th working meeting of the Alliance – for the first time in a digital format

Due to the worldwide spread of the corona virus, the 7th working meeting of the “German Alliance for Trade Facilitation” took place virtually on 25 March. Originally an event was organized at the invitation of the partner BASF in Ludwigshafen. Numerous established partners and new interested companies were present.

The approximately 40 participants have…

…selected a new project country: Egypt. The decision was based on an idea competition organized once a year by the Alliance. All interested companies can submit proposals.

…been able to catch up on the latest developments of the current Alliance projects. There are currently 13 projects worldwide working on various aspects of trade facilitation such as risk management systems for customs or the simplification of documents for customs clearance.

…discussed new project ideas on the initiative of companies. These include a booklet for a simplified overview of customs procedures and a new digital data platform for faster clearance of sea freight.

The next working meeting of the Alliance is expected to be held in August/September 2020 at the renewed invitation of BASF.

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